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Greetings Mapped Spacers!  


The Spawn Fleet are here in strength,

and they mean to stay.


And only Sirius Kade, a bug eyed alien and a drunken love-sick gunslinger can stop them.


Or can they?


Yes, MS4 is now available, paperback only, from Amazon.

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"An enjoyable roller coaster of battles, narrow escapes, stellar dreadnoughts and fearsome mega-weapons, this is space opera as fans like it. Be prepared to dodge lethal energy beams on every page of this rip-roaring tale."

                       - Kirkus Reviews     


The Spawn War rages unchecked across the galaxy, fought between ancient alien superpowers, its outcome will determine the fate of interstellar civilizations from the Orion Arm to the Cygnus Rim.

With the galactic order on the brink of collapse, EIS agent Sirius Kade is sent on his most dangerous mission yet, to open the way for a major offensive in the human civil war, to answer a plea for help from a distant prison world, and to aid an alien superpower in its struggle to defend the freedom of the galaxy.

To succeed Sirius must infiltrate enemy worlds, escape the ruthless Spawn Queen and deceive the woman he loves.



The cover was drawn by Tom Edwards, a superbly talented UK SF artist. On the front is a spawnship and on the back is the Silver Lining II. Below are some concept drawings showing more detail than is possible on the cover.

spawnship-layered small.png


Clan Majestic Flagship


30 million tonnes


Two million Spawn

Technology Level (GCC):




SLII 6 views small.png




Technology Level (GCC):


Cabot Class survey ship

4,000 tonnes



2 drone launchers 

2 rapid fire kinetic cannons

Galactic Civilization Classification (GCC) System


I've mentioned the GCC a few times in the books, but details have been scarce, so here is some additional background for those who might be interested.


The system is logarithmic, so GCC 8 is ten times more advanced than GCC 7 and a hundred times more advanced than GCC 6. This reflects the vast technological differences that exist between civilizations in the Mapped Space Universe (MSU), and probably in reality.


The MSU currently has 43 civilizations, all with a GCC defining their relative technological capabilities. The full system and some races are listed below by GCC:


0-5   Stone Age, Pre-Industrial, Industrial, Interplanetary,

        Inceptive Interstellar, Incipient Interstellar. 

6      Emergent Interstellar Civ.
     6.1   Human
     6.8   Ascellan

7      Minor Powers
     7.1   Meropan

     7.6   Syrman

8      Medium Powers

     8.6   Kesarn

     8.8   Mataron

9      Major Powers

     9.0   Fenari

     9.9   Xil

10    Great Galactic Powers

     10.6 Intruders/One Spawn (Military tech 10.7)

     10.7 Tau Cetins

11     Intergalactic

     11.8  Porosq (Andromeda)

12     Mature / Cosmic

     12.?  The First (Migratory)


I hope you have as much fun reading this book as I did writing it. It took 18 months, which I know is a long time, but I hope you find it worth the wait. 


I regret I've had to abandon publishing ebooks, but internet piracy is so severe now, I had little choice.


If you like The Spawn War and would like to see more Mapped Space books, please post a rating on Amazon, and a few words of endorsement encouraging readers to take the plunge into the ever expanding MS Universe.


I look forward to reading your comments.


Stephen Renneberg

Sydney, Australia

17 January, 2020

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