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The Riven Stars

Stephen Renneberg

Earth Intelligence Service agent Sirius Kade is sent to intercept a mysterious visitor to the Orion Arm from the remote Cygnus Rim. He must discover why an alien race humanity has never before encountered conspires against Earth and its far flung colonies.

   While civil war ravages mankind, Sirius discovers old and new enemies entwined in a sinister scheme of cosmic proportions. His mission takes him to barbaric human and oppressive alien worlds before a final reckoning in the ancient halls of galactic power.

   Deceived and betrayed, Sirius is forced to choose between love and duty as the fate of galactic civilization is decided.

Gold Medal

Science Fiction

2018 IPPY Awards


Science Fiction

2018 NIEA

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“Fantastic story telling.

My favorite take on mankind's place in space.” 

—  Jeremy Lambert,

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