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The Siren Project

Stephen Renneberg

When a top secret 'black' project turns rogue, a shadowy organization entraps disgraced former Secret Service Agent John Mitchell into tracking down the missing scientist behind the project. What he uncovers is an insidious conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of the military and the government. The discovery makes him the most hunted man on earth, pursued by a ruthless enemy armed with a sinister new technology.

Aided by a woman with extraordinary abilities, and an enigmatic defector from deep within the conspiracy itself, Mitchell challenges the greatest technological undertaking since the creation of the atomic bomb. To his horror, he finds that rather than destroy entire cities, the monolithic Siren Project threatens to destroy the free will of Mankind itself.

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“What a great read! It's a fast paced, action thriller that's difficult to put down.” 

—  Debra S Philippon,

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