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Mapped Space and the Middle Kingdom


SYDNEY, Australia, 2 October 2018 – Australian science fiction author Stephen Renneberg has landed a five book translation deal in mainland China for his Mapped Space Universe franchise.


The titles in the deal include The Mothership, The Mothersea, The Antaran Codex, In Earth’s Service and The Riven Stars. All titles have received impressive reviews, feature cover art by renowned UK artist Tom Edwards, and were proofed and edited by Elenor Renneberg, the author's wife.

After winning the Gold Medal in Science Fiction at this year’s Independent Publisher Book Awards (the "IPPYs") in New York and two Finalist Silver Medals at the American National Indie Excellence Awards, Renneberg has now signed with the Beijing Institute of Technology Press Co. Ltd to translate his five epic Mapped Space novels into Chinese for distribution throughout mainland China. BITP is a national level publisher in China responsible for publishing more than 3,000 quality non fiction and fiction titles.


The deal was brokered by Cherry Zhou of Rightol Media Limited, a leading foreign rights agency based in Chengdu, the cultural capital of southern China. Rightol are responsible for approximately 8% of foreign translations into China and have relationships with 95% of Chinese publishers.


Award winning science fiction is big business in China, where the country's rapidly growing middle class have an insatiable appetite for new material, especially series science fiction.


The Chinese language paperback editions of the Mapped Space Universe books will be released in mainland China over the next twelve to eighteen months.

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