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3.4 Million Years Ago o 6000 BC

Earth's Stone Age (GCC 0)

6,000 BC to 1750 AD

Pre-Industrial Civilization (GCC 1)

1750 – 2130 AD

The rise of Planetary Industrial Civilization (GCC 2).

The First Intruder War - unknown to mankind.

   The Mothership (MS First Contact 1)

Start of the Blockade.

   The Mothersea (MS First Contact 2)

2130 – 2643

The spread of Interplanetary Civilization (GCC 3) throughout the Solar System.


Marineris Institute of Mars (MIM) perfects the first the stable Spacetime Distortion Field (the bubble).

The MIM discovery leads to the dawn of Inceptive Interstellar Civilization (GCC 4).


The Solar Constitution ratified, establishing Earth Council (15 June 2615). 


First human ship reaches Proxima Centauri and is met by a Tau Cetan Observer. 


Earth Council signs Access Treaty with the Galactic Forum. 
First Probationary Period begins. 
Tau Cetins provide astrographic data out to 1,200 light years from Earth (Mapped Space) and 100 kilograms of novarium (Nv, Element 147) to power human starships.

2646 – 3020

Human Civilization expands rapidly through Mapped Space. 
Continual Access Treaty infringements delays mankind’s membership into the Galactic Forum.


Dr. Anton Krenholtz discovers spacetime field modulation. 
Krenholtz Breakthrough enables transition to Incipient Interstellar Civilization (GCC 5).

3021 – 3154

Mass migration dramatically increases human colonial populations.


Human religious fanatics, opposed to interstellar expansion, attack the Mataron Homeworld. 
Tau Cetins prevent the Mataron Fleet from destroying Earth.


Galactic Forum suspends human interstellar access rights for 1,000 years (the Embargo). 

3155 – 3158

Tau Cetin ships convert human supplies of novarium held on Earth and within ship energy plants to inert matter.

3155 – 4155

Human contact with other interstellar civilizations ends. 
Many Human outposts beyond the Solar System collapse.


Earth Navy (EN) established by the Democratic Union to police mankind when the Embargo is lifted. 
Earth Council assumes overall control of Earth Navy.


Earth Intelligence Service (EIS) established by the Earth Council.


The Embargo ends. 
The Access Treaty is reactivated, permitting human interstellar travel to resume. 
The second 500 year Probationary Period begins.

4155 – 4267

Earth re-establishes contact with its surviving colonies.


Earth Council issues Sanctioned Worlds Decree, protecting collapsed human societies.


The Beneficial Society of Traders established to manage interstellar trade.


Quantum Instability Neutralization discovered (much earlier than galactic powers expected). 
Mankind becomes an Emergent Civilization (GCC 6).
The golden age of human interstellar trade begins.


The Vintari Incident.

   The Antaran Codex (MS1)


The Battle of Tresik Prime. 
End of the Blockade.

   In Earth's Service (MS2)


The Nan Chen Disaster. 
The Xil Asseveration.

   The Riven Stars (MS3)

The Siege of Serris Orn.

   The Spawn War (MS4)


Asseveration : A solemn or emphatic declaration.

GCC : Galactic Civilization Classification

MS : Mapped Space

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