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The Mothership cover art

"The ship was like a city encased in metal, stretching more than twelve kilometers up the valley."

- The Mothership (MS-FC1)         

The Mothersea cover art

"One day, a reckoning would come, for one world cannot have two masters."

- The Mothersea (MS-FC2)         

The Antaran Codex cover art

"The Access Treaty was the basis of Galactic Law"

- The Antaran Codex (MS1)         

In Earth's Service cover art

"Mapped Space was the physical extent of Human Interstellar Civilization"

- In Earth's Service (MS2)         

The Riven Stars cover art

"World Wars are fought between equals, Interstellar Wars never are."

- The Riven Stars (MS3)         

Banner The Spawn War.jpg

"The Spawn War would determine the fate of every civilization from the Orion Arm to the Outer Rim."

- The Spawn War (MS4)         

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